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The chart showing Series 1 series.

Returnees by Governorate of Return
The Returnees by Governorate of Return chart showing Returnee Individuals series.
Returnees by Governorate of Return and Last Governorate of Displacement
The Returnees by Governorate of Return and Last Governorate of Displacement chart showing Anbar series, Babylon series, Baghdad series, Basrah series, Dahuk series, Diyala series, Erbil series, Kerbala series, Kirkuk series, Missan series, Muthanna series, Najaf series, Ninewa series, Qadissiya series, SalahalDin series, Sulaymaniyah series, ThiQar series, Wassit series.
Returnees by Governorate of Return and and Shelter Type
The Returnees by Governorate of Return and and Shelter Type chart showing Critical shelters series, Unknown series, Private settings series, Habitual Residence series.
Returnees by Governorate of Return and Period of Displacement
The Returnees by Governorate of Return and Period of Displacement chart showing 2-June July 2014 series, 3-August 2014 series, 4-Post Septemeber 2014 series, 5-Post April 2015 series, 6- Post March 2016 series, 7- Post 17 October 2016 series, 8- July 2017 series, 9- Jannuary 2019 series, 1- Pre June 2014 series.

* Until September 2018 the shelter type habitual residence was one category. However, during the October 2018 data collection (round 106) key informants were asked to provide a breakdown of the quality of the habitual residence that returnees live in into two categories: habitable and uninhabitable. Those returnees in a destroyed or severely damaged house (category III or IV per the Iraq Shelter Cluster definition that are not deemed safe for habitation) were then categorized as living in a critical shelter.

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120401613501ErbilMakhmurKurdistan كوردستان 35.7671757743.576237828817280000002880000000000000288000000000000000002880
120401827244ErbilMakhmurSaray(markez bazar)سراي(مركز بازار)35.7754514343.5772687714428400000069102000030000000714000000000000000007140
120402329522ErbilMakhmurBnari Qara choghبناري قه ره جوغ35.7805082443.5925398422520000004200000000000004200000000000000000420
120403111912ErbilMakhmurAbu Shetaابو شيته36.11055843.55901485953570000000480010200013000000059500000000000053530000300
120403613357ErbilMakhmurEin Muzanعين موزان35.856243.3791746512115690000000120000010300000001150000000000010000201030
120403713434ErbilMakhmurEin Abu Hdlanعين ابو هدلان35.862274243.3930349291740000008000002100000002900000000000029000000
120404013278ErbilMakhmurEin Marmiyaعين مرمية35.826843.390215144945270000000200250000000000045000000000001003401000
Locations: 2,192       811,9864,871,916112,0966,71580,82091033,37132,622100,2388,25391,94439639012,044228,32497465,93733,6786232,65100776,16831,7452,567901,2920101112986,827133,714158,02496,70566,99056,190175,00438,160348
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