Assessing Water Shortage-Induced Displacement in Southern Iraq        4 April 2019


The Assessing Water Shortage-Induced Displacement in Missan, Muthanna, Thi-Qar and Basra brief report provides updated information on the locations in Southern Iraq affected by water scarcity as well as water-induced displacement movements to and from the areas in the study.


In the Southern governorates, 100 locations face drought and/or water scarcity: 58 locations are in Missan Governorate, 22 in Muthanna, 11 in Basra and 9 in Thi-Qar. Due to the shortages, 5,347 families are displaced from Southern governorates. The DTM - Iraq is tracking 2,587 of these families: 1,553 or 60% from Thi-Qar, 694 or 26.8% from Missan, 208 or 8% from Basra and 132 or 5.1% from Muthanna.


From August 2018 to January 2019 the Southern governorates experienced a 56% decrease in locations identified as being affected by drought and/or water shortage. 18 new locations emerged during this time period.


The brief report can be downloaded in English and in Arabic